Remarks for MuseScore-Bena 2.0.0

• Feb 11, 2015 - 19:23

1. Inability to specify the force of impact for a GROUP of notes.
2. There is still bad sound for the chorus of violins, also the downgrade of the sound for guitar instruments and downgrade of sound for pizzicato of string instruments.
2. Inability to offset the beginning and the end of individual note's sound.


You can change settings for multiple notes by selecting them and using the Inspector. It doesn't work to select a range because that will include things other than notes, but if you then right click a note and choose Select / All similar elementds in range selection, you will be able to use the Inspector.

Sounds are preferable, I find the guitar and strings much better in 2.0 than in 1.3, but you are welcome to use a different soundfont if you prefer.

Overall, though, please keep in mind, the primary purpose of MsueScore is notation, not playback, so that is where most development effort is focused.

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Many thanks for the detailed answer. Due to some subjective reasons, I have no other way to play the music that I compose, but only by means of your software. Therefore, the sound quality is so important to me. In any case, thank you very much for your work. Without MuseScore world of sounds will be closed for me.

Hi Nadir,

Thank you for your input about the quality of string instruments in the default soundfont.

Please will you be more specific about the problems you are experiencing with these particular sounds.

I am endeavouring to improve the overall quality of the default soundfont, but I need detailed feedback from users like yourself to enable me to improve it, and determine whether the problem is at sample level, or whether simply tweaking the soundfont parameters will improve things.

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