Format error if 2 whole notes in 2 voices in one staff

• Feb 12, 2015 - 20:35

If I have 2 voices in one staff, and each voice have a whole note, both notes are displayed after eachother. In print and PDF they are shown as 2 whole notes (in one measure).


For notes with a stem 2 stems indicate that there are 2 voices. Agreed, if they overlay you wouldn't see both voices anyway.. But, it looks odd to see 2 notes.

Is this an error, or is this expected behaviour?

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It's expected and correct - otherwise one of the musicians involved would be not sure if they were supposed to play or not. But you can of course always mark one invisible, which will cause them to merge. Or use the Inspector to explicitly set the "Head type" to "Whole". That's a useful trick for allowing a half note and eighth note with opposing stems to share a notehead, for example. I don't recommend it here, though - I think it pretty important to show both notes if this is really parts for two musicians. If it's a piano part, you could also of course simply not enter the voice 2 note.

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