How to merge/combine/implode two staves in one with two voices

• Feb 13, 2015 - 01:14

This is not working for me. When I paste the second line of music into voice 1, it just gives me the same notes as the first line (which is the new temporary voice 2). I am using Mac version 1.3


Posting the score you are having problems with help - it's hard to tell exactly what your situation is.

In general, I can say that you are better off copying a staff with contents in voice 1 onto a staff with content in other voices rahter than vice versa, as otherwise the rest sin voice 1 overwirte the notes. So if it's two staves each with a single voice, then make sure one has the notes in voice 1, the other has notes in voice 2, and copy the former onto the latter.

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