Repeat Palettes Not Working

• Feb 14, 2015 - 15:03

I have tried numerous times to drag and drop repeats from the palette to my music and I get as far as it looks like it moves from the palette to the measure, the measure get shaded but when I release the mouse button nothing happens. I have read the manual and followed the instructions but every thing I have tried has failed. The repeat palettes worked for me with version 1.3. I just checked. I am using Revision a925ae0


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Yes, this is because you have hidden (non Visible) the first staff, Acoustic guitar, of your score (by unchecking in "I" this staff).
And as most of these signs of "Repeats" palette take their anchorage to the top staff, that is why they seem to be lost (don't know if this maybe considered as a bug?)
Untick this button again in "I" (I did it as an attachment) and you will see these signs again.
He Came Feb 14 2015a No Guitar chords 1.mscz

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Thanks! I never thought that as I was dragging and dropping onto the piano treble staff that it was going to the hidden guitar staff! I kept trying over and over different things etc. that was why there were so many...of course I never saw them until now.

Now that you clued me in I was able to fix it. Not sure it is a major issue but it does seem like something that should not happen?

Again thanks for everyone's fast and great help!

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Your score has lots and lots of Segnos and Codas on top of one another, 10 Segnos in measure 1, 4 codas in measure 6, 3 in measure 11, single segnos in measure 2 and 14, single codas in measure 5, 7, 10, 15
All visible in a currently nightly.
And I do remember a bug like that (repeats and hidden staves) having been fixed post Beta 2

Ah, here it is: #44606: Repeat text (segno. coda, etc) not displayed if hide empty staves enabled and top staff hidden

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