Building a Complex Chord

• Feb 16, 2015 - 11:36

I cannot see any way to create a chord-like note structure that includes, for example, a half note (c) and a quarter note (g).

When I attempt to do so the new type of note gets added to the score, however it changes the existing note to the same type of note I have just added.

Does anyone know a way around this??



In reply to by brent09

Yes, that is indeed exactly what multiple voices are.

But for the record, if you truly wanted a single chord with noteheads of different tyopes (this is *not* the case here, but sounded at first like it might be), you can use the Inspector in 2.0 or Note Properties in 1.3 to change the head type of individual note heads. It would still necessarily have only a single durationwhen it came to playback, but on very rare occasions, this might be something useful. Again though, in your example here, this is *not* a single complex chord; it is two distinct chords in two distinct voices.

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