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• Feb 17, 2015 - 14:29


I am working on a score that has quite a few double hairpins (<>) for getting louder and softer during a single long note. I am spending lots of time making sure that they are even on both sides and that they are perfectly aligned tip to tip. I then have to do the re-alignment in each of the orchestral parts as they reset and overlap each. Is there a way for me to build a Custom Line that would treat these as one symbol, stretching and moving as a matched pair, or is this something that I would have to submit as a feature request?

Here is an example of the issues:

Double Hairpin Example.mscz




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It's really a line symbol that I want to use. Firstly I want it to last the length of the bar rather than just as an articulation. It's easier to interpret the full bar version than just the single note articulation. Secondly, I also need the reverse shape too >< for diminuendo crescendo.

There's no way to design your own custom lines. However, you can definitely get better results than what you are doing. Instead of adjust the hairpins "visually" (using mouse and/or arrow keys), create invisible notes in another voice to attach the end & start points to. For example, two invisible half notes in a measure with a single whole note will allow you to attach the hairpin to the middle one. Or it least, it will if/when my fix to allow hairpins to be anchored to notes in voices other than 1 is merged :-)

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