Locked out of file because of "&" in the Horn part name

• Feb 18, 2015 - 12:36

I am currently "locked out" of a full score and parts because of an ampersand in the horn part name as described here .

Is there any means of recovering this this file? From the post above, it looks that way, but what is the average time between a fix being posted and it being available in a nightly build? Or do I just re-do from my older back-up? (I had plenty of interim back-ups, but I didn't quit out of the program - I just did "Save as a copy" on a regular basis so 6 of my back-ups are locked out!)

(V2 is so much better (especially at at scores and parts) that it is worth the extra risk of running a Beta!!)




This issue should be fixed in the latest nighly builds, although I'm not sure whether those just prevent it from happening or also allow to open scores that have this issue.
Please git them a try, http://musescore.org/en/download#Nightly-versions, and if it doesn#t work, attach the 'broken' score(s) here, so someone can have a look and fix them manually.

(you could too: rename score.mscz to score.zip, unpack and use a plain text editor like e.g. Notepad++ on the mscx file, search "Horn" and replace the "&" by "&", save, open the mscx file in MuseScore and safe as mscz)

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