Erreur Tuba Sib

• Feb 18, 2015 - 14:05

Sur MS 1.3 et MS 2, le Tuba Sib est paramétré en Do.


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I will try to explain in english.
The B flat Tuba does exists in the list of intruments, but it is considered as a non transposing instrument, like a C Tuba.
B flat Wagner Tuba (and F Wagner Tuba) are considered as transposing intruments, B flat Tuba (and F tuba) are not.
I don't understand why.
Thank you

That is because Tubas are not treated as transposing instruments in orchestras, but always written in concert pitch.

There are some variations on this such as UK Brass Band which is a specialist format for which we currently do not have an expert on the development team.

I suggest that if you require one of these specialist format scores then you generate your own template, which, if you submit it to the development team may be included with the release version of MuseScore 2.

Sur le forum français ce sujet a déjà été abordé et très bien commenté
en Mars 2013 :
et en Mai 2014 :
Bien que l'instrument soit transpositeur il semble plutôt assez courant que ses partitions soient écrites en tonalité de concert.

On the French forum this has already been discussed and well commented
in March 2013:
and in May 2014:
Although the instrument is transposing it seems rather common that his scores are written in concert tone.

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