Spaces between music track and lyric, and between tracks

• Mar 3, 2010 - 19:33
S5 - Suggestion

Would like the ability to
1. Adjusting spaces between the music track and the lyric, sometimes, it's can be a real pain to go through words in lyrics and adjusting the overlapping bars, especially when two voices are used, and the stems of the notes on the 2nd voice drop-down, covering the lyric words underneath. if there is an ability to adjust the lyric x/y for the ENTIRE LINE, or an ability to insert spaces under the track, between lyrics and the track above.

2. Adjusting the amount of spaces between first row of tracks and second rows, especially in songs, the amount of spaces for lyrics (between treble track on top and the bass track at the bottom) is required more than the amount of spaces between first row's bass track and the second row's treble track.

At the moment, I kept having to adjust the measurement for spaces (from (1.764mm default) and surrounding spaces, such as left/right top/bottom margins using 'Page Layout'.