Playback note for lowest C on piano is wrong

• Feb 24, 2015 - 02:40

I am entering notes for a piano score. In the bass clef I have entered notes for the lowest C on the keyboard (C1). When I play it back, these notes play 2 semitones lower (B flat). It does this regardless of whether I use 8vb or not. I checked the 3 notes that are lower thatn C1 and they also play 2 semitones lower than they should. All notes of higher pitch play than C1 correctly. Is this a known problem?


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Musescore v1.3 revision 5702
Windows XP SP3
soundfont - I'm using the default settings in Musescore: Edit: Preferences: I/O, so "Use internal synthesizer" is checked, "Portaudio" is checked, "Api:" is MME, "Device" is
Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output". In Control Panel: Sound and Audio Devices: Audio: MIDI music playback the default device is "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth".

Also, I do not have this problem with these notes when I am using playback on a MIDI editor/sequencer such as Aria Maestosa. Just when using Musescore.


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Could well be a bug, in either 1.3 or its default soundfont, but won't get fixed there.
If it is still a bug in 2.0 or its default soundfont, it should get fixed.

Which did you try, beta (1 or 2) or nightly (which)

Maybe the same problem as in, no sound on XP in Beta 2?

Edit: I've just tried on XP and sound does work in the latest build for me. At least after a factory reset

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I think the volume was high enough, unless there is a mute button I don't see. Musescore 1.3 playback produces sound (albeit incorrectly on the lowest 4 piano keyboard notes). The nightly beta playback does not produce sound. I assume I should be running "nightly.exe". I did the factory reset using that.

Could you attach the score you re having problems with? I tried adding a low C (and B, Bb, and A) and they work fine for me in 1.3. They don't sound very in tune, but I think that's because of the strong overtones that usually dominate low notes on any piano. In any case, that's just an artifact of the specific soundfont used.

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@glentek... Have a listen to this attachment, created in MuseScore1.3.

It shows 3 examples where I intentionally de-tuned the lower C note of a perfect 8th interval at different octaves. Then I 'brought the pitch home' by changing the tuning offset back to 0 -- as if using a piano tuning lever/hammer.

More specifically, in one example, I used the C1 note which you say is 2 semitones off, and compared it to the octave above, which you say is ok.
The attachment (hopefully) is self explanatory.

Feel free to change any of the tuning offsets in the attachment by right clicking on a note, then in 'Note Properties' you can experiment with 'Tuning offset'.
Be aware that 100 cents = 1 semitone, so you can even change the C1 to a B flat (-200 cents) to compare to your score where you say you hear a Bb instead of C1.

As sound fonts are only as good as their underlying samples, this is a good litmus test as regards tuning.


P.S. It is true that the lowest tones on a piano tend to sound 'murky' - which is why piano tuning is somewhat of an art, and why some pianos are more expensive than others. Tuning the highest notes of a piano present a similar quandary.

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