Broken result when setting special beam properties

• Mar 1, 2015 - 20:56

I use Windows 7 64 bit and nightly build rev. 1d90b26 from march 01, 2015.

For demonstration I use Verbalkung.mscz.

I select all notes from measures 7 and 8 [click first note (eigth) of measure 7 and shift-click last note (16th) of measure 8.

In Beam Properties I double click "beam middle" to get beaming with a strange result as shown in Verbalkung.png.
When I select only all notes in measure 8 and double-click "beam middle", all seems fine.

The musescore file Verbalkung.mscz is part of a file, which initially has been created (opened) from a midi file.



I'm not sure what you were tring to do with that - setting "beam middle" on the first or last note of a group doesn't really make sense. If you just wanted to restore these to automatic beaming, using the "A" icon would be the way to go.

Anyhow, the issue you see comes from the fact that in setting both the last note of bar 7 and the first note of bar 8 to "beam middle", you've actually asked MuseScore to creat a beam across the barline. This would have been fine - you'd have gotten exactly that - if not for a known bug involving beaming across the barline if the measures involved are on different systems - see #16278: Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks. It's on the list for consideration to be fixed for 2.0, so hoepfully that happens. But in any case, I'm guess you didn't *really* intend to create a beam across the barline.

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