Cor Anglais (English Horn) to Oboe Instrument change Key Signature question

• Mar 3, 2015 - 14:12


I have a piece where the Cor Anglais player switches to Oboe. The oboe is not a transposing instrument whereas the Cor Anglais is. I think I am correct in saying that at there does not seem to be any means of changing the "Transposition Status" of a staff. Because of this, it means that either the playback has some crazy mistakes, and/or the generated part has the wrong key signature.

I think for now, I will create a 2nd oboe part that is hidden in the full score and generate a part of the two instruments hiding empty staves. Is this the normal strategy that people use for this scenario?

Is it possible do something similar in the full score and "force hide" one or other of the instruments when it is not required? (Selecting "Hide Empty Staves" has way to much of an effect on the rest of the full score, and I don't fancy creating hundreds of bars of dummy invisible notes for the sake of a few bars in the oboe part.)

Are there plans to look at transposition as part of the "Change Instrument" option?




You posted in the Technology Preview forum, so I assume you are talking about one of the 2.0 prelease builds (beta, nightly, etc).

It is true that there is currently no way to change transposition mid-score. It's on my very short list for consideration in the next release after 2.0.

Meanwhile, when I need to do this, I either use a hidden instrument as you described, or just save two copies of the score - one for playback, one for print.

Hmm, it occurs to me you could use a hdiden instrument in a different manner. Set up the original oboe staff to *look* as it should. Add another staff to that instrument, and copy/paste everything over. Fix the pitches on this staff to play back correctly. Now go to the Mixer and mark the first staff silent, then go to Instruments and mark the second invisible. No need for "Hide empty staves" in score or in part.

BTW, regarding Hide empty staves - if you want to use this but don't want other isntruments to disappear, just check their "Never hide" options in Staff Properties.

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