Playback an Octave lower without note transposition

• Mar 19, 2010 - 21:54

I am wrote a piece for a Piano and Euphonium. However, I wrote the Euphonium part in treble cleff (often done for brass bands). When I go to play it back it plays it up an octave from the Euphonium's range.

Is there a way to change this on playback without have to change the cleff to 8vb and having to go through and lower all my notes down?

BTW I'm using 9.5


Probably the easiest way is to change to 8vb as you mention.

The other way is to right click on an empty part of the euphonium staff and change "Play transposition" to -12.

I suspect that the written notes are not properly representative of the pitch (concert) intended. There are numerous conventions that a score program cannot intuitively interpret.

I believe MuseScore uses a method to notate this.

I would look at the clefs pallet - those demarcate how the pitch should be interpreted.


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"If you do this, be aware that your score cannot be shared with others that have a vanilla instruments.xml"

I think you can share without an problems since most of the information is stored in the individual .mscx or .mscz file. If I remember correctly the instrument name is blank if you look at the Create > Instruments dialog but everything else works.

You can also edit the transposition in the staff dialog using 0.9.5 as I mentioned above

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