How to delete empty trailing measures?

• Mar 10, 2015 - 02:20

At the end of my music... there's a double bar line, followed by 1 page of empty measures. I don't see how to delete these empty measures. I'm unable to select them.

Appreciate any help.


Selection of a range in MuseScore is done the same as in most programs: click the first element, shift+click the last. Or, click one element, press shift+right arrow to extend the selection one element at a time, also the end & ctrl+end keys work normally.

One you have selected a range, ctr+delete deletes the measures. On Mac, substitute "cmd" for "ctrl".

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Hmm, please post the core you are having problems with and steps to reproduce. Presumably the measure you are clicking has become corrupt somehow. Any information you can provide on how that might have happened - what you were doing with that measure - would be helpful. Also say which specific prerelease build of MuseScore you are using (Help / About, click the "copy to clipboard" button).

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