undeletable rest causes crash when copied

• Mar 21, 2010 - 19:41

A student sent me a short assignment done in MuseScore stating that she had had some trouble with a rest she wasn't able to delete. Her piece actually has two extraneous rests that don't appear on the staff lines. The only way I could get rid of it was to ctrl+shift click the measure it seems to be associated with and completely remove the measure.

A further problem occurred when I tried to copy and paste the 16 measures of the piece into added measures. MuseScore froze. I reloaded and copied and pasted one measure a time until hitting the measure the rests must be associated with. As soon as trying to do that MuseScore crashed.

I'm attaching the original file together with the file with the added measures into which I attempted the copy and paste.

The first issue is why the rests cannot be deleted. The student couldn't tell me (nor should she be required to) how the rests got there in the first place. She was just trying to write her piece.

The second issue is why the crash when copying and pasting.

We're using 0.9.5 on Windows XP SP3.

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I remove the rest by inserting a measure just before the bad one and copy the few notes in it. Then Ctrl + click the bad measure and dell to remove it.

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Thanks. Well, yes, that is a workaround. I did mention that I'd managed to get rid of the rests by removing the measure. The question still remains as to how a rest can be added in such a way as to render it undeletable by selecting it and hitting delete. And why trying to copy and paste the measure containing the undeletable rest causes the program to freeze. I've attached a file with the first 4 measures copied. As soon as I try to copy and paste the 5th measure MuseScore crashes.

I know it would be helpful to know how that rest could have been added. I'll try doing some work on that to see if I can replicate it. This is of course one of the biggest challenges in developing a notation program. There are so many possible odd things that can be done it's nigh impossible to cover everything. I've had MuseScore crash on me for other reasons but haven't reported them because I can't replicate the exact procedure I was taking leading to the crash.

Oh... just though of something. I just tried r2898 and the copy and paste don't crash the program. It does copy the extraneous rest which still can't be deleted by itself, but at least the program is more robust in handling whatever was causing the crash.

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"The question still remains as to how a rest can be added in such a way as to render it undeletable by selecting it and hitting delete."

Sometimes you can get more notes/rests or less notes/rests in measure that is supposed to be allowed. Anytime this happens it is considered a critical issue because it causes MuseScore to behave unexpectedly (and often crash). Here's one way it could happen (fixed for the upcoming 0.9.6). I seem to remember there being another method to create measure corruption that involved copy-paste (also fixed for the upcoming 0.9.6) although I don't remember the details. If you come across any other methods this would be valuable information.

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