Entering note entry mode causes cursor to move back to the start of the score

• Mar 16, 2015 - 14:48

If there is nothing selected, pressing N to enter note entry mode will cause the cursor to move all the way back to the start of the score. Also happens in Musescore 1.3, but the score wouldn't scroll to where the cursor is, so it wasn't that bad. But now the cursor causes the score to scroll all the way back to the start, and if one forgets to select an element before hitting N, one would have to scroll to where the note entry cursor should have been. Would be good if such a feature can be added ;)


Actually, I'd say it was far worse in 1.3 - not scrolling to where the note entry actually made it look like it hadn't worked at all, and made it quite likely you'd accidentally overwrite the beginning of your score if you then typed a letter to enter notes. At least 2.0 makes it clear where you are.

Keep in mind, you are suppsoed to always select soemthing before pressing N - we really shouldn't let you initiate note entry mode at all otherwise. And that is one possible solution here - put up a dialog saying "sorry, you need to sleect something first" like we do for many other operations that require a selection.

But in any case, I'm working on a compromise where if you make the mistake of not selecting anything, we try to initiate entry on the top-left-most note in the current view. No guarantees it will make it into 2.0, but we'll see.

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