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• Mar 16, 2015 - 15:46

Maybe this isn't a bug but I sure as hell don't know how to make this software do what I want in a nice way. I have this sheet that was originally in Musescore 1, and was probably originally imported from mxl. It came with a title, lyrics, and composer. I added lyricists, subtitle, and I tweaked a few lyrics. Now, however, only the new items display in the fonts indicated for the respective styles. Although the text font for Title, composer and lyric is SUPPOSED to also be MuseJazz font, the title, composer and bulk of the lyrics (i.e. all the imported original data) are all in Times Roman or something. I select a lyric and do shortcut I defined for SELECT all similar from the contextual menu. BTW, Only the shortcut works, it doesn't do anything from the menu. I set the style to some other style that I don't want, yup that works, then I set the style back to Lyrics Odd which SAYS it is MuseJazz font but nope, the lyrics go back the way they were. I tried creating a clone of Lyrics Odd lines and setting all the lyrics to that, but NOPE. If I tweak the styles and change Lyrics Odd to some other font and apply it, the changes only apply to the lyrics I added or tweaked.

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Select the title, open the inspector and click on reset to Style.
For the lyrics, click on one, select all similar element, reset to Style too.

You've mentioned something about the menu for Select all similar not working before but I don't understandi. It works fine for on all the systems I've tried, and I've never heard anyone mention any problems here. Might, I suppose, be something unqiue to your particular mouse configuration or something, but it definitely works in general.

Anyhow, 1.3 "baked in" the formatting for text, so unfortunately, scores created in 1.3 cannot have their fonts updated quite as easily as brand new scores. And scores imported from MusicXML often have their formatting baked in even harder.

If you post the MusicXML and/or 1.3 version of your score, we can perhaps help you migrate it to 2.0 so it can work as flexibly as scores created from scratch in 2.

Meanwhile, it's easy enough to "unbake" the formatting manually. Select all lyrics, then click the "Reset to style" button in ther Inspector. This removes the baked in formatting and allows them to respond to style settings again. Repeat for other text types (eg, staff text).

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Thanks for the answers..... I overwrote the 1.2 version sorry. (1.3 had intractable problems with Mavericks so it was recommended to downgrade.) I selected all the Lyrics. I see an inspector thingie on the right. I don't see any "Reset to style" button. This is what the inspector looks like (uploaded screenshot graphic.) EXACTLY WHAT DO I CLICK to unbake these styles as you have described. If I can't get it to work I will have to start over importing the XML. I would hate that because most of the XML charts I get are terrible and I have to do a lot of work on them.

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I have the Beta 2 December 2014 version. Did that change get in the Mac version as well. I don't have time to track the nightly builds like I would if I were still a software developer. But I will get the latest Mac build if it will solve this problem without breaking anything else.

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