• Mar 16, 2015 - 23:12


My score's playback is playing in swing, even though I haven't 'asked' it to. I've checked in the 'General Style' menu to make sure it's turned off, and re-entered all the tempo markings just in case, but the last half of the score still plays swung.

Any solutions?




In order to help, we'd need you to post the score, and precise instructions to reproduce the problem. Alsom, say which version of MuseScore you are using, and anything relevant about the score itself - like was it created from scratch in the same version of MsueScore, or was it it perhaps imported from an older version or another program entirely, etc.

One guess is you have an invisible tempo markings you aren't seeing - either because you turned off display of invisible items, or because it is technically visible but contains no text.

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