2.0-RC User templates not coming first

• Mar 17, 2015 - 21:19

This version now reads my templates from a directory specified by me but puts them at the bottom of the template list which is rather inconvenient. Can we please have user templates at the top as they are the most likely to be used.

Putting 00-User in the users templates directory doesn't put it at the top of the templates as expected.



User templates came first until a couple of months ago, but were movede in response to user requests. Having them first means that "Choose Instruments" option (which I suspect most users will be using the majority of the time, despite the extra emphasis placed on templates in 2.0) gets buried.

I think the ideal compromise is, first 00-General (which includes "Choose Instruments"), followed by user, followed by everything else. But I personally think the way it is beats the way it was.

There's little point in having numbering unless it's respected.

A better solution would be for the defaults inbuilt templates to start around 10 and allow the user to put templates before or after the default ones using numbers.