Writing Power Chords

• Mar 18, 2015 - 03:38

I write guitar music a lot, so after laying out a melody or a breakdown it's a little tedious going back and hitting alt-5 on every note to put in the fifth. Is there a way to drag a box around stuff and add a fifth to every note?

(For those that are used to standard music, a power chord is a chord which is only the root and the fifth. There is no third because it sounds bad when distorted, and because the fifth is only there to add "power" to the melody. It's the ultimate sin in music theory, putting tons of parallel fifths in like that. But it works great in metal.)


Sure, you can select range lots of ways. Shift_drag, or the standard ways used by most programs: click one note, shift click another to select the range, or select a note then use shift+arrow keys (or ctrl+arrow, or home / end, etc) to extend the selection. And once you've selected the range, Alt+5 does the same thing it does with a single note selected.

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