Changing clef over a repeat bar line.

• Mar 30, 2010 - 03:05

2923 nightly.

See attached. The clef sign placement does not seem correct. The nominal clef is treble and I want the clef to change AT the beginning of the 2nd ending FOR the 2nd ending.

What we have here implies that there is a clef change at the beginning of the repeated section, not in the 2nd ending

I would guess that there should be a "bar" containing only the clef sign or else the change should take place at the beginning of the 2nd ending. I would expect to see something similar if there was a key change, but I am not sure.

I want the 2nd ending to switch to a bass clef so I can give more information on the same part.

Direction appreciated.

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Interesting question.

As far as I know the clef always goes in front of the bar line, although I see what you are saying about this particular situation. If you find any references for this particular situation please share.

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