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• Mar 21, 2015 - 13:32

I have a piece of music that requires me to have a note in a volta that is tied from the bar before that. I have attached a scan of the original score and would like to know how to get the tie in museScore. It seems as if I would need like an "invisible" predecessor note to attach the tie.

Thanks a lot for helping!

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It works visually, there is a tie now, thanks for that. Unfortunately the note in the bar before the volta is also tied. After the third repeat this note is played and then the (invisible and unhearable) grace note and then the last note, but the note before the volta and the note in the volta for the fourth repetition are not tied, I hear two sounds.

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You could silence the note that you don't want to hear using the Inspector in 2.0 (or Note Properties in 1.3). That's not that same as tying, of course, but it's porbably better than hearing it twice. In any case, that's probably the best you can do, and do keep in mind (as I am often reminding people), the primary purpsoe of MsueSocre is notation, not playback., so not everything that is supported also happens to play back correctly.

Of course, you can always score the repeating part twice, once with ending 1 and once with ending 2. Not the easiest solution but it would be absolutely correct then.

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