Is there documentation for Musescore 2 plugin development?

• Mar 22, 2015 - 09:54

I just started learning plugin development and I realised the example plugins provided in Musescore 2 don't really follow the documentation in Where can I find tutorials and documentation on Musescore 2 plugin development?


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Yeah but it uses a lot of Musescore dev lingo which I don't really get XD Managed to figure out some stuff by looking at the examples though... Will the plugin development page update as well? (And should I start adding v2.0 related documentation to it?)

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Its built-in to MuseScore itself, accessible via the 2nd item in the Plugins menu (default shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P). Once that is open, you can open the built-in documentation under Help > Manual

Note that this documentation is far from a user-friendly manual at this point. It is merely a listing of the available Objects and their methods. It contains no examples at this point in time.

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Is there any getting started guide? I found the plugin creator (which requires you to have a score open BTW), and the "manual" is mostly empty, with some class definitions, but no information about what a plugin can do, how it does it, how it is invoked etc.

There really needs to be separate documentation for this with overview section etc

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The usual advice is to look at some of the sample plugins provided to get an idea of how to write them. As for "information about what a plugin can do, how it does it" - that is indeed the purpose of the class definitions. A plugin can do whatever those classes allow, and it does it by invoking the appropriate methods. Not sure what other information you'd be expecting. As for "how it is invoked", that is covered in the Handbook, but the the short answer is, you use the Plugin Manager to enable it and then you will find it listed in the Plugins menu.

I Downloaded a velocity plugin listed in the Musescore online plugin page that is in Javascript format, and Musescore 2.0.1 only reads qml files. What must I do to get this file to work? I hope this will resolve a number of playback issues that I now have since I uploaded 2.0.1. VERY important as I have a number of commissions riding on it.

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Indeed, the velocity plugin would only have been needed in 1.3; it is no longer needed in 2.0 as hairpins playback automatically. If you are having issues, you should start a new thread in the support forum, attaching the score you are having problems and describing as precisely as you can what the problem is.

I just installed MuseScore on Ubuntu 16.04 and tried to get a look at the plugin development handbook, which is completely empty. Tried to switch from Swedish (my native language) to English-US to find out if that was the problem but it didn't help. How do I get to look at the plugin development procedure? Is there nowhere online where the handbook is replicated? That would be sufficient for my needs at the moment. For now I'm mostly curious how to develop plugins...

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