Entering rests in TABs

• Mar 24, 2015 - 16:14

I'm not sure whether this is a feature request or whether I simply did not understand how to do it until now, but here it is:

I think it would be great if rests could be entered and shown the same way in TABs as in usual notation (until now it is impossible to enter rests in TABs or at least to have them displayed as far as I have seen). There should also be a button to switch this off (for those who don't want to see rests in their TABs).

Anyway, I LOVE the TAB feature, this is really great stuff.


You can change the staff style to "Full" to get the rests displayed. Press i and change the staff type. Or if you prefer, right click the staff ->staff properties -> Advanced style properties -> Note values -> Show rest.

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