Metadata in pdf files

• Mar 27, 2015 - 23:29

Hi guys

Is there a way for Musescore to export the metadata that would show in a pdf file? Eg, Author, subject and key words?

If not, can this be a feature request? :)



Hi All,

i have a similar question .i.e i use muses core to create the score and export the parts to PDF. for on stage performance our band uses forescore. Forescore has the ability to : Fetching PDF metadata ( ) so i was wondering how i can get metadata such as composer, Genre, keywords, label.

if these metadatfield would be exported to the PDF file that forescore should be able to retreive this data from it and build/fill its database .

I tried with an emty score, and filed in the composer, titel, subtitle, part, instrument etc but non appears in the pdf.

thanks in advance.


This is an older thread - but the need is still relevant. At lease some of the digital sheet music reader apps for tablets; in my case foreScore; make effective use of the PDF metadata tags to pick up Arranger, Genre, Keywords, etc. I have been using the exiftool to 'fix up' the PDF metadata after I do the PDF export from Musescore. But it would sure be better if Musescore could create the appropriate tags from it's score properties. I saw the response about Qt not having an API to accomplish this - is that still true? If so, maybe an option could be added to export the score's properties, as part of the PDF export, into a companion file that exiftool (and the like) could then read? Just a thought.

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