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• Apr 11, 2010 - 20:40

Occasionally a piece is a step where we repeatedly appear as triplets. MuseScore on the possibility of creating a triplet is a little cumbersome because you must choose the first term by which the triplet must balance and then you press Ctrl +3 to activate the triplet.
When this procedure should be performed for all groups, it can become cumbersome and time consuming.
So there is the possibility to activate a function triplet that allow you to write notes every time regardless of the CTRL +3. If so, the option may also work with any other group not regular?

MuseScore 0.95, Ubuntu 9.04.


If I understand the OP correctly, I'm running into the same issue. MuseScore's tuplet method is great for occasional entry, but cumbersome when you have a lot in a row.

As my first experiment with MuseScore, I'm entering Richard Strauss's song Zueignung. It's notated in 4/4, 29 measures long. The vocal part is entirely 4/4, as are all but 5 measures of the piano left hand. But the piano right hand is almost entirely eighth-note triplets -- in other words, 12 notes/rests per bar - only 2-1/2 measures are non-triplet, and one of those is the final measure consisting of a single chord.

So the entry process is 5, ctrl-3, enter 3 notes/rests (many of the triplets have a rest in place of the first note), and repeat this four times per measure. If I forget to do the 5 ctrl 3, I have to undo what I did -- and given that entering the notes tends to involve one or two octave adjustments and a double note, my tendency is to forget that I need to stop and re-enter triplet mode. (I have to repeat the 5 because although I started with a quarter note, the process leaves eighth notes selected.)

So my suggestion is to provide a method to lock tuplet mode, so that I can simply say "start tuplet mode" and enter tuplets until I do something to get out of that mode. And I think this is what the OP had in mind.

Now, I have discovered a method which helps. I can go into note entry and enter a lot of quarter rests, select them all, then do ctrl-3. This changes all the quarter rests to triplet eighth rests. Now I can go into note entry on the first of these and enter triplets to the end of the prepared measures. But this is an awkward workaround.

This isn't a complaint at all, just a suggestion that this would help.


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It seems like a very particular use case and I don't think a solution should be developed for it. In particular what should happen for odd tuplets (like 2 16th, 2 8th notes in a tuplet) if you are in so called tuplet mode ?
Your solution is a lot more universal and handy. Copy paste and repitching would be an even more powerful solution and without a new mode.

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I don't think a solution would need to cover all possible cases - just mak it easier when entering an extended passage of similar tuplets. But if having a separate "locked tuplet" mode seems like too big a change to be worth making, I can think of a couple of simpler changes that would make a difference:

1) Right now, if you hit "R" after the last eighth of a triplet, it places a regular eighth note. If it instead actually placed a triplet eighth (and created the rest of the triplet for you, filled with rests), that would be an improvement.

2) Right now, you hit 5, Ctrl-3, then enter your three eighth notes, and the cursor is positioned on the next beat with "4" (eighth note) selected. Why not have the logic automatically flip back to "5" after entering the last of a tuplet? Having to explicitly repeat that step is the most non-intuitive part of the process for me when this situation has come up. I don't mind hitting Ctrl-3 again to start the next tuplet, but in my mind, the last note value I selected was "5" and I expect it to stay selected, even though I realize I actually just entered three triplet eighths.

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