Cresc. Rit. Dim. etc.

• Mar 29, 2015 - 20:25

Is there any way I can create a palette of commonly used words that I can add to a score? I'm thinking of things like Cresc. Dim. Rit. and the like. I don't want them to affect playback - I just want to make a set of words that I can pick up and use like other palette items. I wondered if this were possible by making a custom palette, but I can't see how to do it.
I've just upgraded to MuseScore 2.
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Hi Shoichi,
I'd seen the edit workspaces, but I'm really not sure what to do when I get in there - I've managed to make a new palette, but not managed to put anything in there. And I've not seen where the words are - where is that? I've not found it - I can see a palette for tremolo, but not any of the others you show there.
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OK, thanks that's very helpful - I've now managed to create a new palette, and add a word. The dragging and dropping method isn't explained in the link as far as I can see - but that's fine. I've got a stave text word in the box. Now I want to set where it's dropped. I want it to appear below the stave, so I edited the content offset on the palette cell properties, and set Y to 4.5 (which is what I have been using to get the text where I want it). The text just disappears from the box. If I try to add it again, it won't go into that cell, but the one next to it.

My next question - is can I format the text? I want 12 point bold italic - which is what I've got my stave text set on, but it's appearing as the default stave text - 10 point normal text.

Thank you again for your help!

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Hi Marc, that's what I'd done - set the stave text to bold, italic, 12 point and vertical offset 4.5 (using the style menu). I've just tried it again, and the same thing happens - it doesn't matter if I use Ctrl -T or select the stave text from the text palette - both of these options put the text where I want it, with the correct formatting. If I drag it to the new palette I've created, it reverts to the normal stave text properties ie 10 point and plain text when I try to insert it - am I missing something obvious?

I've just understood what's happening if I change the content offset of the palette - I'm moving the text in the box on the palette - nothing to do with where it ends up on the page!

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Not the style menu - has to be the Text Properties dialog. The problem with style settings are that they are per-score, so relying on style settings for the palette doesn't really work - the palette has to work across all scores. So, set the Text Properties the way you want for a text, then add to the palette. Now those settings will be applied any time you add that text to that or another score.

You can create the text the way you want on a score and then you can drag that text (with [Ctrl][Shift] - drag) to a blank part on a palette. Then you can save your customised palette or load one you created earlier.

Take a look at the attached file. Note that this forum only allows the attachment of certain files so you should download the file and change its extension from ,zip to .mpal and then Load it into MuseScore.

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C: \ Users \ yourname \ AppData \ Local \ MuseScore \ MuseScoreDevelopment \ workspaces
is a hidden folder, enables visualization.
In there you can copy the file *.mpal (palette).
Also you can copy it in a path of your choice.
Right click on palettes> load palette> select the file: the palette will be added to the other

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Create your text either de novo or by changing the letters in an existing piece of text (e.g. apply cresc. to a note and then change it to decresc.). Right-click on the piece of text and select Text Properties and then you can change the Style of the text (Dynamics is good for text below the stave), adjust the offset (I find that for cresc. etc, that a Horizontal Offset of -1.00 works best), make it italic/bold/whatever.

Yes, I know that all these words aren't actually dynamics but I find it convenient to think of them all in the same group since they all, generally, go below the stave. You could create another palette for words above the stave (and you could call it "Tempo text" or something) and it could include Allegro, Vivace, Lively, a tempo, Tempo 1° etc.

I've added a few more to my custom palette for Dynamics.

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