_Users_foo_Documents_...etc pathnames after crash

• Mar 31, 2015 - 12:45

In what circumstances exactly does the app, recovering after a crash, decide "I can't use the real pathname of the file I was editing, so I'll rename it into _Users_foo_Documents....Fugue etc". I fully understand its motivation when the file was in the 'modified' state, but it doesn't seem to make any sense if it wasn't -- I take meticulous care not to gratuitously modify files I am looking at (I wouldn't mind a "read only" flag, like Emacs ^X^Q, that prevented modification), partially to (it used to work) avoid this behavior. It seems less useful in 2.0.0 (seemingly gratuitous renaming). What is the intent, and can it be improved in this direction? OS X 10.10.



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This happens after a crash, recovery from a crash. I can't tell you the exact circumstance, because that's what I'm asking. For sure though, if a score is being modified (has a * on its tab) at the time of the crash, this happens. Instead of "sonata" or whatever in the tab, _Users_name_Documents_musescore2_Scores_sonata.mscz appears, and the file cannot be written out, but must be "save to"'d its real location.

As I said, the purpose of this is to preserve checkpointed modifications as such and not clobber your file without your help, but when the file was not modified, this is a big pain and seemingly wrong.

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