[MuseScore2] Accidentally deleted Beginning Repeat and can't get it back

• Apr 3, 2015 - 04:03

Is there any way to reset the the palette so that I can get the begin repeat back? It shows up in the master palette, but not in the one on the sidebar.

Link to a screenshot


Your screenshot doesn't include the bottom of the window, but is this the standard Advanced workspace or one you created and customized? If the former, resetting MuseScore to its factory settings (http://musescore.org/en/node/35956) is likely to fix it, but I'm guessing it's the latter. You probably accidentally removed it by secondary-clicking on the item in the palette and clicking "Clear." To get it back, secondary-click the name of the Barlines palette, make sure "Enable Editing" is checked, and drag the item from the Master Palette into the empty space.

Also if you haven't made other modifications to your custom worksapce that you are worried about losing, then Edit / Worksapces / Undo Changes should reset all inadvertent changes.

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