How to change the position of the page number?

• Apr 15, 2010 - 16:03


Say I want to have the page number in the top-outside corner instead of the bottom-outside one; or I want to move it just half a centimeter up: how can I do it, short of dragging each page number manually?

I tried the "X", "Y", "reXl", "relY" values in the "Style | Edit Text Styles | Page Number Odd/Even" dialogue box, but none seems to do anything.

(P.S.: an explanation of what "reXl", "relY" are supposed to do could be a useful addition to the manual).

(P.P.S.: the lower half of the page number in its default position in a A4 sheet is outside the printable area of my printer; as I have a rather common type of printer (HPDJ 720), it would probably make the life easier to a number of new users to raise it a bit....).




Oh well, the "relX" and "relY" values are what I was after: they control how far in the page the page number is positioned ("relX" across the page: 0% = total left -> 100% = total right; "relY" down the page: 0% = top -> 100% = bottom).

The fact is that, in order to see the change(s), one has to save the piece, close and reload, not the ultimate of WYSIWYG...; so a sentence or two in the manual are even more important.



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