One other 2.0 question--rewind button

• Apr 3, 2015 - 20:52

One other detail: in the beta 2.0, when I hit the rewind button [or when I reached the end of a piece], the score would return to the beginning. Now, in the regular 2.0, when that rewind is pushed, I also need to start the play button to return it to the beginning. Odd. Is this the way it was built or a glitch?
Just wondering!
Thanks again.


Not quite sure what you mean. Are you talking about pressing Rewind *while* the score is playing? Or while it is not> And what do you mean when you say "the score would return to the beginning"? Do you mean the currently playing score would jump back to the beginning, that the score would automatically start playing at the beginning even though it wasn't playing currently, or that the score would playing at the beginning next time you pressed Play?

Hard to say, but it seems like maybe you are trying to use the Rewind button as a way to position the *view* of the score, but that's not its purpose - it's about playback only. The Home button on your keyboard (or equivalent shortcut for keybaords that lack a Home button) is how you would position the view.

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As always, thanks again, Marc.
Yes, I could press the rewind button either during or after play and the score would return to the top. I got used to doing that and simply wondered why it no longer worked.
Now you suggest the Home button and that works perfectly--I had not thought of it. Thanks for the clarification--I'm learning more and more about this stuff!

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