How to delete barlines

• Apr 4, 2015 - 10:47

I have a score (attached) in which the barlines are in the wrong positions, so I need to delete them and re-enter them in the correct positions - is this possible in 2.0?
The first note should be in a pick-up bar with the second note being the first note in the first full bar - ie all the bar lines need to be moved back 2 beats.

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I would create a new score, based on the SATB template, with the good title, in 3/4 with a 1/4 pickup. Then open your score, select all (Ctrl+A), copy (Ctrl+C), switch to the new score, select the first rest and paste (Ctrl+V). You should be good to go, except maybe for the tempo marking that you will need to enter again.

Or easier/without creating a new score:
Ctrl+>, Ctrl-X, right-click into 1st measure, change actual duration to 1/4, select the quarter rest in that 1st measure, Ctrl-V.
Bonus: change the last measure's actual duration to 2/4
Bonus 2: split the measure between verse and chorus

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I had exactly the same problem: all the barlines needed to be moved one beat to the right (or alternatively, all the music needed to be moved one beat to the left). My problem sometimes happens when I import MIDI files into MuseScore, and it doesn't recognize the pickup bar. The technique described above works well for me but for the benefit of anyone else reading it, could I point out that there is a typo in the last post. The correct instructions should be:

Ctrl-A to select all music
Ctrl-X to cut the music, leaving just the measures
Right click on the first measure, select Measure Properties and change its duration to whatever the pickup duration is, typically 1 beat
Click in the first measure again
Ctrl-V to paste all the music back

Good suggestions already. I would just add, the key is to not think of moving barlines - think instead of moving the music. Barliens in general aren't something you work with in MuseScore; they happen automatically. It's the music you work with. It amounts to the same thing whether you physically move barlines to the left or music to the right, but thinking in terms of the latter is how you'll actually get the job done.

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