Repeat Problem

• Apr 9, 2015 - 17:25

In the attached score, the 3rd repeat doesn't go back to the top of the score. Is this related to #52511 or is it the way I have it set up?

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I think the problem is that you are using voltas in a way MuseScore can't quite figure out - they aren't applying to actual repeats, but to the DC. MuseScore doesn't understand that the 3rd time really means, the first timer after the DC, in part becuase there is no aprticular reason it should understand that, but also in part because one is not normally supposed to takle repeats at all on a DC or DS. So I think your roadmap is just too complex & non-standard to have much ahcnace of working. There is an outstanding feature request to add a flag to tell MuseScore you want to take repeats on the DC/DS, but even then, it still wouldn't be at all clear - to me as a programmer or me as a musician - what it means to talk about the third time really means here.

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Thanks Marc. Yes, some confusion there. I'm pretty sure I now have it right in the attached score.

I've added instructions. It plays properly now. Only one question. Is there any was for Musescore to play the 1st ending after returning to the top at DC? I know it's probably convention not to do so. Any way around that?

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Currently, not that I know of - not taking repeats means taking last voltas. If you need to hear the playback in a certain order for some reason, better to just write it all out without the complicated roadmap.

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