Fixed bar width in 2.0

• Apr 14, 2015 - 13:35


How can I set the same width for all bars in a score in Musescore 2.0? I could do this in 1.0 but in 2.0 I cant find this feature.....


The featured caused a number of problems if the measures were too full to allow this. Somehow we need to find a better way to allow this to happen for the cases where people want to do this (it is not really recommended practice - in fact, quite the contrary, fwiw).

Meanwhile, you can do this by increasing/decreasing stretch manually.

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Thanks for the info! As I play with more complex bars I can see the issues with the old fixed width measures.

The use case that I am interested in is creating a sheet of small exercises for students. I was using the fixed width bars to make simple drumming exercises that line up on the page.

I'm going to take a look at some of the examples from here:, and try using frames: to separate exercises. looks like there are some ways to make this happen that are more predictable then the old fixed width measures.

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