Bug report: volta line is duplicated when empty staff is hidden

• Apr 15, 2015 - 08:30

Reproduction steps:
1. create score with 2 staves
2. make sure it has at least two lines
3. add notes to the second line
4. add a volta line to the second line
5. hide empty staves
6. switch to continuous view
7. switch back to page view

the volta line appears duplicated, and appears as such in the PDF export as well. you have to reload the score to make it right.

The attached mscz file shows the problem: open it, switch to continuous mode and back.

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Why must the volta appear in both staves? That wouldn't be standard. Normally they appear on the top staff only, repeating at most for each section of a large score such as for full orchestra.

If you generate parts, the volta is copied to each part, but it would normally only appear on the top staff in the score. MuseScore 2.0 will not normally even let you attach a volta to anything but the top staff of a score, so I'm confused as to how you created that score in the first place.

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I indeed created 2 voltas, and copied one of them to get two. (So this may be not standard, but if the composer/musician wants it to appear I have no other chance.)

But I can accept that this is not standard, so needs fiddling/workaround.
One problem remains though:
- Create 2 staves and 2 lines
- Add volta to the first staff in the 2nd line
- Hide empty staves. You get:
- Go to continuous view, then back to page view. You get:

(Actually if this offset issue was not there, I would have not seen the duplicated volta.)

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I still can't figure out how you managed to do the copy, though. Voltas don't normally copy. The fact that it somehow allowed you do that is the bug. The fact that a volta you should not have been alloed to create in the first place displays funny is just a side effect of the fact that you were allowed to create the line at all.

So, can you post precise steps to show you you managed to get the volta on the second staff?

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If you first hide the empty staff, then create the volta, 2 voltas are created.
So the steps:
- New score, 2 staves
- add line break, to have 2 lines at least
- go to Style>General, hide empty staves
- add volta to first bar of second line
go to continuous view
- 2 voltas are shown
go back to page view
- 2 voltas are shown, but not overlapping perfectly

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I'm still just not seeing this. I try following the steps lsited above, but when I go to continuous view, I only see one volta. This is with the current build as opposed to 2.0, but I don't remember any changes since the 2.0 that would have affected this.

However, the steps above can't quite be complete, because if I follow them literally, when I hide empty staves, the second system disappears entirely, unless I add notes. So perhaps it is some specific about when / when you are adding the notes.

So, here are my steps, using most recent build:

1) new score, flute & oboe staff
2) add line break at end of bar 4
3) add whole note B to oboe part in bar 5
4) style / general hide empty staves
5) add volta to bar 5 (which shows only the oboe part, since it is only non-empty staff)
6) switch to continuous view

Result: exactly as expected, the volta appears above the flute staff.

And I definitely cannot get it to migrate from the flute to oboe staff by any combination of dragging or copy and paste that I have been able to come up with.

So, what about my steps are different from yours? Or is this really a 2.0 versus nioghtly difference?

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Addendum - actually, even if you attach to the top staff, when using hide empty staves, you still get this bad display. That's apears to be because the top staff has no clef - none was generated when we switched from continuous to page view. This also is the case for key signature and had led to some similar odd glitches in layout when using hide empty staves and then doing something to change layout. Something we probably need to deal with at some point. It fixes itself on reload, FWIW.

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Yeah, you're totally right. This glitch is a problem, which resolves by reloading (nb. This is why I miss the reload menu item from 2.0)
I guess there are other cases when hiding empty staves causes some glitches where elements are attached to the hidden staff but visible in other staff. I expect them to be quite tricky to fix.

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