File->open gets hung

• Apr 17, 2015 - 20:30

I hadn't used Muse Score for a while. My OS is Windows 8.1

I just downloaded MuseScore 2.0

When I do File->Open I get a little blue circle spinning around and it freezes everything. This goes on indefinitely and I have to exit / stop the MuseScore process.

I wonder whether MuseScore is replying on some kind of add-on here that is missing in my OS. I don't know how to fix this.

Thank you for any information.


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This was the first time I used 2.0 after downloading it. So I assume that whatever the defaults are when I download it, those are the settings I have. I suspect that this is related to Windows. However, I use file-> open with Word and Excel and it doesn't happen.

So you never successfully loaded any score ever with 2.0, or you loaded a few then started seeing this problem?

I am inclined to guess there is one corrupt score in the folder where MuseScore is trying to load from, and MuseScore is hanging trying to display the thumbanil for it, But that's just a guess. You might try running from the command line with the "-F" option to revert to factory settings and trying again.

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I am not able to open any scores. I can't get the list of scores to choose one from. I have not been able to load any scores. I just downloaded 2.0 today and then tried File->open and it hung as I described.
I don't know how to run it from the command line in Windows 8

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If I click on a .mscx file and right click and open it from Musescore, it opens. But a mscz file does not open. So the problem is really with File-Open and not with the scores themselves. File-Open is trying to access something in Windows (an add-on?) that gets a directory browser or a directory and that is where the problem happens. What does File-Open in Muse Score try to access in Windows?

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I tried running the bin file from the prompt with the -F flag as you suggested. Musescore opened. When I did File-Open the same thing happened. It got hung. Then I looked at the task manager and it has Musescore.exe (32bit) and Musescore: My_First_score both listed as Not Responding. That is why I think it is in some king of infinite loop trying to query Windows for something and something in Windows (an add-on/) isn't getting it or isn't in the system as it is supposed to be. So the question is what File->Open in Musescore is querying Windows for.

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Not sure - maybe something about recent folders, or just folders in general. A non-reponding network share on your system, maybe? Although if I understand you correctly - opening an MSCZ from Windows Explorer does not work then the problem can't be just in File -> Open. This is true for *any* MSCZ file? Including short ones? Ones generated by 1.3 as well as one generated by 2.0? The thing I know that does happen is that MuseScore tries to generate a thumbnail for MSCZ files.

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