low notes in continuous view bug

• Apr 20, 2015 - 03:11

Hello all

In continuous view, with only one instrument on the score, i cannot place a note beyond 2 lines below the staff using the mouse. I tried several different instrument templates using several different clefs, same result.

If there are 2 or more instruments, the space between staves can be increased, and notes can be placed much lower using the mouse.

is there any way to fix? The workaround of course, is to place note and use arrow keys...

musescore 2.0.0 6e47f74
mac os 10.10.3


Or simply type the notes (eg, the letter keys A, B, C, etc.) Mouse input is limited to the range actually covered by the staff. It's not really a "bug" that you might sometimes need to add them somewhere on the staff then move them; that's just how one the limitations of mouse input.

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Typing the notes usually still requires use of the arrow key.

Since it is possible to add notes 2+ octaves ABOVE the staff using the mouse, couldnt the mouse input range also be lowered a little bit to accommodate the ranges of commonly used instruments? Guitar and Horn routinely use 3 or 4 ledger lines below staff.

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