Editing group of notes/text

• Apr 20, 2015 - 11:53

3 issues:

1. So in 1.3 I used to be able to select all the lyrics and change their font size or something. In 2.0, I'm still able to select all of the lyrics but when I change the font size, only one of the words gets changed. So I have to click on each word and change the font size.
2. Same with groups of notes. Please look at the attached file. In the first line, I had to click each note and make it small. I'm able to select just the note heads, but the "small" option doesn't show when I use F8. Is there any way to input small notes?
3. As you can see in the file, the bar exceeds the length of the page. I tried reducing the stretch, but it didn't work. Any alternatives? Any way to bring the notes closer?


ad 1: select one syllable, right-click, select all similar, reset to style. Then set style to your likings
ad 2: select one note head, ctrl-select others, or right cliek one (in selectzion), right click, seleat all similer (in selection) (which forms a list select, rather than range select), then use inspector to make them small.
ad 3: make the page wider or reduce the space setting or split the measure

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BTW, the only reason the "reset to style" was needed for the lyrics is because of a limitation in how 1.3 represents text style. In 1.3, the text style was "baked in" to all text, so changing text style would not affect existing text. That is why the "reset to style" was necessary in order for text style changes to take effect. For scores created in 2.0, the text style is no longer baked in, so changes to text style always take effect immediately.

Regarding the wide bar, I think it's in part the lyrics that are taking up too much space - in particular, the text you have above the staff that are not resally lyrics. Those would have been better entered as staff text, probably, so they wouldn't affect spacing. You might also consider create a custom text style (a new 2.0 feature) for small lyrics and applying that to the lyrics on that first system.

But the reaosn the reduce stretch isn't helping is that the notes are already the minimum distance apart according to your style settings. Reduce "Style / Measure / Minimum note distance" a couple of clicks and all should be well.

2) Another way to select only notes is to first select a range, then press the Notes button in the Inspector. This will change the selection into a list selection containing just the notes.

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