Lower dynamics

• Apr 22, 2015 - 15:05

In Musescore 2.0 when you put a forte or piano under a note and you want to put it a bit lower (because of a lower placed note), and you slice it a bit too far, it is connected to the lower system. Is there a way to lower the the dynamic without being connected to another system bar? I hope it's a bit clear what I want to explain.


You can also just click on a dynamic and move it 1 "moderate" step with [Ctrl]-arrow or one small step with just the up or down arrow.

Another trick is to place your dynamic on the score as usual and then right-click on it and modify its Text Properties (say, set Offset, Vertical to -3.5 which will place it above the stave you anchored it to). Now, if you [Ctrl][Shift]-drag that accidental to a palette you can use it again next time. You can have your own custom palette with dynamics and other text below the stave and another one with them all above the stave if you wish - useful especially in scoring for keyboard or where vocals might otherwise get in the way.

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