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• Apr 23, 2015 - 23:16

As a largely non-mouse user when I can avoid it, I have frequently adjusted text above a note by double click then use left and right arrows to move the text horizontally. This works very nicely in version 1.3 but does not seem to work in v 3. I see that for lyrics the meaning of the left arrow has been changed. Is there another key stroke that moves text independently of the mouse?

I note also there is a slight change in RTL processing in that numbers now appear to the left of RTL text rather than to the right as they did in v 1.3.

The save, cancel dialog appears on closing a window even of there is no * in the tab and no changes have been made.

Bob MacDonald
Victoria BC


Yes - just don't double click first :-). Text element are now movable with a single click then arrow key. Also with the Inspector, which is great for moving multiple elements at once.

I don't know what RTL means in this context, could you piost a score you are having problmes iwht and steps to reproduce it.

The save dialog will appear only when closing a score improted from another source - another program, or an older version of MuseScore. That's normal & correct. It won't appear on a score in native 2.0 format.

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Don't double click! - Thanks - that is very good to know.

The RTL issue is not a problem. I put chapter and verse numbers in as well as individual Hebrew words above the musical line - but the Hebrew words are backwards to a Hebrew reader anyway and numbers are read left to right in Hebrew text and not right to left! Only in the Arabic congregation in Jerusalem have I ever seen a music score (the Anglican Arabic Hymn Book at St George's) that was entirely right to left - and that was also with what were to me incomprehensible numerals.

Thanks for the scoop on the save dialogue too.

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