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I, again, noticed that in the TimGM6-soundfont the Alt-sax misses one note.
When I create a C# it produces no sound.



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That's nearly a year old!

There have been 9 releases since then, one of them fixing the Alto Sax range problem you mention.

Current version is 2.107 - there is a download link to the latest version in the Soundfont forum.

This will be the SF3 version shipped with the next incremental update of MuseScore.

Hi Church Organist,
I looked at the Soundfont forum to download the lastest link, but it tells me that it's removed.
Where can I find the latest updates of sf2 and sf3?

Gr. Frans

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No, I downloaded it from your link, it's in my downloads as: FluidR3Mono-GM2-107.SF2, and I still have the same bug.
The C# in Altsax doesn't sound. (Mind: I use AltoSax (TB) v2.3)

Also the download that's in the soundfontforum at the bottom (Church Organist), gives me the same bug.

Gr. Frans

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It downloads as FluidR3_GM_sf2.zip for me. But indeed inside the zip I find FluidR3Mono-GM2-107.SF2 from April 17th, 2015. And this is the latest version, as per https://musescore.org/en/node/57726#comment-266666

I have no idea what "AltoSax (TB) v2.3" is supposed to be though?

Can you share a score showing the problem?

You still haven't answered the question which C# (read: in what octave) is affected

Ah, I see, "AltoSax (TB) v2.3" is in the TimGM6mb.sf2, so you are really using that and not FluidR3_GM*.sf. There it is just called "Alto Sax" in Mixer.
I guess you are using multiple soundfonts (a new feature in 2.0) and here grabbed the sound of the wrong one

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I don't know from what soundfont the AltoSax (TB) v2.3 is, can't see that in Mixer, but when I go to ALt-sax (mixer) and then choose the AltoSax (TB) v2.3 I don't hear the C# (aboven 3th line in staff).
My score is in F, Alt-sax in D.
I like that sax-sound far above the other fonts.
Will it be resolved if I download a new TimGM6mb.sf2, and where can i find it?

Gr. Frans

P.S. If you still can't hear it, let me know, and I'll send you my score.

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That's is why I was telling you that this "AltoSax (TB) v2.3" is from TimGM6mb.sf2 and that won't be fixed (at least I don't think anybody is working on that). Just take the latest FluidR3_GM*.sf2 from the links we've provided and use its "Alto Sax", that is what most probably bill be in MuseScore 2.0.1

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That sound is from TimGM6mb, so if there is an issue, it must be with that soundfont.

You still haven't answered the question of *which* C# you are having problems with - which octave, and do you mean written or concert. I tried C#'s in both concert and written pitch in all octaves within range of the instrument and a couple outside the range, and they work for me just fine with TimGM6mb as well as FluidR3.

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What worries me is, that you both, Yojo and Church Organist, talk about the Alto Sax, while I'm constantly speaking about the AltoSax (TB) v2.3.
When I open Mixer, and go to Altosax I can choose from a lot of instruments, (Altosax, trumpet, piano etc.) as you will know.
One of these instruments is AltoSax (TB) v2.3, further down in the list.
That's the one that gives me problems.

I will try to update my soundfonts; can anyone tell me where I can get the most recent ones?
Tim, Fluid sf2, Fluid sf3 etc.?


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OK, once again: "AltoSax (TB) v2.3" is a sound from TimGM6mb.sf2, the counterpart in FluidR3Mono_GM.sf[23] is just called "Alto Sax".
However, either work on our machines, in respect to those C#s at least.

You'd get them from https://musescore.org/en/node/36171#list, or from MuseScore 1.3 (TimGM6mb.sf2) or 2.0 (FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3)
I'm not aware of any newer version if the former, the latest version of the latter (in sf2 format) you'd get from the link that has been provided in this thread several times, it has an issue with the Alto Sax range fixed, but this obviously is not your problem currently.
Your current problem seems to be some screw-up in your copy of TimGM6mb.sf2

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The Alto Sax in TimGM6mb is AltoSax (TB) v2.3

As I said I checked it in Viena yesterday and it was working fine on all C#s, so your copy may have become defective for some reason.

The SF2 version of the default FluidR3Mono soundfont is always available from the soundfont forum, but make sure you scroll right to the bottom of the thread to make sure you are linking to the most up to date version.

FluidR3Mono.SF3 is updated each time there is a new release of MuseScore, so it is liable to be behind the SF2 maintenance version, but it is available from the Soundfonts section of the Handbook.......

TimGM6mb is also available from here, and you can also access Tim Brechbill's page directly.

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