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• May 15, 2010 - 14:24

Following several installation, some of them through SVN under Ubuntu Karmic, I succeeded this morning, by uninstalling and reinstalling to run the Lucid version without any problem.
So I decided to clean files, and wiped /usr/local/share/mscore-0-9
......and Musescore no longer opens.

In a terminal I get
leleu@portable-leleu:/usr/bin$ ./mscore
PulseAudio found, but no need to suspend. Starting mscore.real...
Unable to open file "/usr/local/share/mscore-0.9//sound/TimGM6mb.sf2"
Segmentation fault

and also:
leleu@portable-leleu:/usr/bin$ mscore.real
Unable to open file "/usr/local/share/mscore-0.9//sound/TimGM6mb.sf2"
Erreur de segmentation

(note that the error message is in french in this case, although there is but 1 such file on the machine.)

however the requested file is available on the machine as
dated from april 8. There is in this repertory 2 other sf2 files dated of may 10, the date of my update to Lucid

So I uninstalled (with suppression) and installed again, including the 2 dummy transition packages, since one of them is specific to the requested soundfont, hoping to create some mscore-0.9/ again, Indeed there is a fresh
dated to-day, but with no soundfonts in it.....

the mscore and mscore.real files, in /usr/bin are dated from april 8

And I have scores to prepare......
so many thanks for any help.


I found
and put the right path to the soundfont
in place of the erroneous one (it was line 30)

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I'm glad you were able to find a solution. Thanks for sharing the information as well.

Rather than editing the configuration file directly you should be able to change the path from within MuseScore. In versions 0.9.6 or later go to Display > Synthesizer. In versions 0.9.5 or earlier go to Edit > Preferences > I/O. For more details see SoundFont .

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I'm running Ubuntu Lucid.
The link gives no indication for Linux OSs, but I just checked that deleting MuseScore.ini is enough.

My problem indeed was that the path to the font was screwed.

I just add a paragraph for linux in the entry about revert to factory settings

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The reverting to factory settings does more that reset the MuseScore.ini file. It also resets and palette customizations, time signatures, etc. It would be helpful if you could write instructions for using the command line parameter similar to Windows and Mac. I use Windows so I'm not an expert on Ubuntu.

According to the problem mentioned above, I got similar difficulties.
After trying to change the Paths to the xml files ( in german ) I got a white window and could not select any folder/file.
A mscore -F did not reinitiate musescore, so I desperately removed mscore / musescore by synaptic totally - should delete any config files.
I only saw complaints on the TimGM6mbsf2 file missing (did not even know that file )
After a new Installation (0.9.6 version 3145 ) the same.
Then I copied an old backup TimGM6mb.sf2 from /usr/share/sounds to
/usr/share/mscore-0.9/sound/ and mscore starts fine again, even the section windows are fine again.
I'm running Debian with kernel 2.6.32-5-686 #1 SMP Sat Jul 24 02:27:10 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux
Hope this will help on maintaining an interesting projekt.
MfG Waldi

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