Looking for New Developers?

• May 17, 2010 - 04:21

I was just scanning the geek news on Slashdot.org and an article about http://openhatch.org/ popped up. Right now MuseScore does not have a page up there and I think that this looks like an excellent way to get the word out even more.

I unfortunately do not have the expertise to help code or translate so I find it difficult to get involved with MuseScore. I love the program, have a BA in Music, and have been using it for years. The most I have been able to contribute is with bug reports and requesting of different features.

If anyone has an idea how I can help I love this project and would like to get involved.


You are for sure helping by taking OpenHatch to the attention of our community.
You can also contribute by providing your experience as a musician, some of the features of MuseScore has been done after a great effort of non developers like David Bolton's article on transposition. Submitting bugs, explaining your features, help new users on this forum, spread the word in all ways possible, there are plenty of ways to help. Another one is giving ideas to get more people involved!

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