Text symbols in File Info fields

• Apr 29, 2015 - 19:34

In version 1.3 the copyright information is placed in an editable text box at the bottom of the page, and I have been using the F2 symbols keyboard to insert the C-with-a-circle-around-it symbol. In version 2 the copyright information can be changed only through the File...Info... panel, and the symbols keyboard is not available. Please consider allowing that keyboard so be selected anywhere in the program where text can be entered.

Keep up the good work. Version 2 looks very good and so far I haven't had any issues working with my v1.3 files.


Thanks! This is a known limitation I'd like to see addressed at some point. The way I get around it is to use F2 in a regular text field to get a copyright symbol, then copy and paste it. That's only because my current keyboard does not provide a shortcut way to access the symbol like many do (eg, on many Windows comptuers, Alt+0169 on the numeric keypad does it).

Thanks for the quick reply and useful info! I tried Alt-0169 © and it worked great.

I'm really liking the changes in v2, especially the piano keyboard entry method.

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