Lyrics and XML

• Apr 30, 2015 - 02:51

I am working with a colleague on a joint venture, reformatting songs for 4 part male voice. As he uses Sibelius, we have to transfer files using Music XML. And I'm having problems with Lyrics.

I have a file "XML_Lyrics_Test start" which shows what I want.
The lyrics for the Baritone part (voice 1, bass clef) have been moved above the notes to which they apply.
The lyrics for the bass part (voice 2, bass clef) are under the notes.

I have exported that file as an XML file.
I then open that xml file in MuseScore expecting the result to be the same as my original file, but it is
What has happened is that the lyrics for the baritone part are shown on the same line as the bass part so that line is virtually illegible.
It would appear that the moving of the baritone lyrics has been lost.

Am I to assume that moving lyrics is not handled by Music XML OR should it be but MuseScore doesn't handle it correctly yet


Somewhere between those two :-). MusicXML is very good at representing the musical content of a score, but only so-so at representing specifics of layout. And MuseScore does not necessarily support everything it could in terms of the layout information.

Meanwhile, fixing this score is easy enough. Right click one baritone lyric, Select / More, Same voice & Same staff, then use the Inspector to move them up.

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