Guitar chord fingering symbol

• Nov 26, 2008 - 02:12

How can I get a symbol .83 sq containing 25 smaller sqs.
it resembles a guitar neck with 6 strings and 5 frets



Fretboards are not implemented yet to my knowledge. You're the first one to request it.
I believe it might be suite some work and perhaps we could check some other open source projects (GPL licensed) and find a way to incorporate their work into musescore.

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The ones I know about that support guitar fretboards are KGuitar and NoteEdit. Both are licensed under the GPL v2 and based on Qt. Extracting and integrating the fretboard code is legal should not be difficult.

Not my dept., so I may be amusingly wrong, but fret diagrams are being implemented in ver. 2.0 (due sometime this year). Same, or at least related, thing?


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