RC1 - Two more transposing suggestions ...

• May 30, 2010 - 17:47

Here are a couple of transposing requests/suggestions/ideas for RC1:

It's those $@*!% female vocalists who have to have EVERY song transposed to THEIR key .... Oh well, they sound good and make me sound good. Guess that's life with singers ...

1) Transposing chords to a 'flat' or 'sharp' key: When transposing to a target key which is a 'flat' key, it would be helpful for black note chords to be adjusted to a flat key as well. Conversely for 'sharp' keys. Maybe a check box option?

For example, take the tune 'Misty' in Eb transposing to Ab

The Bb7 chords transpose to D#7 chords. Should be Eb7.

The Bbm7 chords transpose to D#m7 chords. Should be Ebm7.

2) Search and replace for chords: Alternatively, it would be helpful to have a search and replace function for chord names. Replace all D#m7 chords with Ebm7 chords. In so many cases, chasing down all instances of a chord spelled wrong is an error prone process.

Thanks again for all your great work.

Ken Parrish
aka: EulerOperator


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