Rythm Slash notation above the staff

• May 7, 2015 - 00:17

It would be nice to be able to occasionally use rhythm slashes that are not on a staff. When creating lead sheets or fake sheets with lyrics, it's cumbersome to have a staff devoted to chords that will be strummed. This used to be seen commonly on sheet music transcriptions available in some magazines and in folios put out by Cherry Lane Music. Here's an example:


As you can see, you can abandon slash notation and switch to a staff when the slash notation is no longer going to be practical.

I've tried to figure out a way to do this with MuseScore, and I can sort-of do it with a one-line staff whose elements I can make invisible, but it's messy, vertical lines at the beginning of each line extend up to the invisible staff, and... well, it's just clunky.


This is easy to do in MuseScore 2.0! Just enter notes for the rhythms you want into voice 3, select the passage, then run Edit / Tools / Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation. It's easiest if you do this before entering the real notes into voice 1, but if you already have the real notes there, then just deslect them by turning off Voice 1 in View / Selection Filter first. See the Handbook section on "Tools" for more details.

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To move them up, just use the Inspector. With the passage still selected, press the Notes button at the bottom of the Inspector window if necessary to restrict the selection to just the notes, then nudge the Vertical offset a little. It defaults to -0.50, which is to say, floating half a space above the staff. Except on drum staves, where they sit directly on the staff.

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