Keyboard shortcut for switiching between parts in a score

• May 7, 2015 - 16:12

If you have a lot of linked parts, it can be very difficult to scroll horizontally through the multiple tabs. Assuming the same visual interface is retained, could there be a shortcut to switch between parts? (And perhaps a separate shortcut to switch between scores?)


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Really? For me it's not working. On Mac OS X, Cmd+Tab switches between open applications, Cmd+` (the key above Tab) switches between open windows in the current application, and usually Ctrl+Tab switches between tabs in the current window… but not in MuseScore.

EDIT: And furthermore, when I try to assign the shortcut in MuseScore's Preferences, I can't even type it—it thinks that when I type Tab I'm trying to switch between fields.

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Which? The fact that the shortcut is not working, or that the user can't assign Tab?

Anyway, I think it would be ideal to have this shortcut to switch between scores, and something like Shift+Ctrl+Tab to switch between parts. I'd actually place a higher priority on being able to switch between parts, though, because you're less likely to have twenty separate scores open at once—after all, you can close and reopen them. Not so with parts.

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Either, or both :-) There's probably little to do be done about the latter, actually. The OS traps some key combinations before an application ever sees them. As it should, or shortcuts like Alt+tab (Windows & Linux, anyhow, not sure about Mac) wouldn't be able to work to switch application windows. but I don't know the ins and outs of this particular case.

I take it that it *does* work to assing shortcuts to "Previous score" and "Next score" as long as you don't try to use one of those "special" shortcuts? I just tried it on my Linux system with "[" and "]" and it worked fine.

I agree that switching parts is probably more important than switching scores - both because there are likely to more parts than scores as you mention, but also, one is more likely to *want* to flip between parts rapidly than flip between different scores. Although that happens too, like if you are copying and pasting material betwene different versions of a score.

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The equivalent shortcut to Alt+Tab, I guess, would be Cmd+Tab (I mentioned it above, actually). But what I'm saying is that regardless of modifier keys, the Tab key doesn't do what it should do in that context.

Is Tab switching between fields really an OS-specific thing? I would have guessed it was application-specific, and even context-specific—a word processor would be an example of an application deciding what to do with Tab. I think there's probably a way to make it so that Tab would be treated as input in the dialog for entering a new shortcut.

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