Way to move whole line of lyrics down a line

• May 9, 2015 - 00:07

I missed a verse when I was typing in lyrics & was wondering if there's a way to type them in without erasing what's already there. Can I move the other lyrics down leaving a blank line? There are 2 verses that need to be moved.


Apparently there is no way to do this within Musescore.

It could be though quite a simple job for an external application such as awk (or gawk) which is part of any unix/linux distribution and is also available for windows (no idea about Mac).

In the future I would like to write a plugin which would do such operations as inserting, deleting and swapping verses or copying all verses to clipboard (or text box) for spell checking.

At the moment I can only offer you an awk script which would allow you to insert empty verse before a given verse. You need to be a bit familiar with command line, eg.:

gawk -v lineNo=2 -f #InsertLine.txt < yourScore.mscx > yourScoreModified.mscx

would insert space for verse 2 and move all verses 2+ by a line down.

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